Sep 07, 2022

Landmark Rural Water Drought Sale

Due to rural water distribution issues, and the drought settling into the Lincoln area, Landmark Nursery is being forced to liquidate our plant materials much earlier so we don't have a catastrophic loss. All plants, trees, grasses, perennials, shrubs, houseplants must go!




At Landmark Nursery we take great pride in being good stewards of the environment. This is one of the reasons why our nursery watering system is self-sustained via rainwater retention in our on-site pond.

• This allows us to recycle precipitation and irrigate our entire nursery. It's the Landmark Recycle Cycle. And furthermore, we use an advanced, up-to-date system that strategically runs drip irrigation, so we conserve as much as possible, while using the least amount possible.

A lesser-known reason, and one we hoped we would never need to publicly discuss, is when precipitation is scarce, like it has been dating back to last winter - we are dependent on our well.

• At present, we do not have access to rural water even though it runs right past us.  The water line is literally 30’ away from us.

For over two years we have voiced our concern over lack of water with Lancaster County, Cass County, and Otoe County officials to allow us to tap into the rural water source, even if just for emergency situations, or so that the home on our property has a reliable, fresh water source.

• To date, those requests have repeatedly fallen on deaf ears.

• Unfortunately, as feared, & predicted, we are now facing the exact emergency that we tried to avoid. With no rain in sight, we cannot hedge our bets on the same officials all of a sudden changing course

What's the old saying?  Fool me once, shame on you - Fool me twice, shame on me.

• Instead, we are turning to you - Our loyal customers, friends and family - Help us reverse this negative situation, into a positive with big upside for you and your property’s landscape!

Until our water issues are alleviated...


This will remain until all plants / trees have been sold, our water issue receives a dramatic uptick or they must be discarded due to lack of water (worst case scenario)

Our healthy potted trees, perennials, shrubs, houseplants, grasses, balled & burlapped landscaping grade trees, or anything requiring water - must go!!!

• Without substantial rain soon, we are facing a devastating loss of product, and extensive damage to our livelihood.

We know some would prefer to plant later, and we understand.

We just ask that you consider purchasing now to save big money, and then water them until you’re ready to plant. In your possession, the plants will thrive with water & proper care, unlike at the nursery due to our water shortage.

This deal is designed for “cash” and carry customers (cards are accepted), but our landscaping and tree service teams will be available to plant as time allows. Please understand timing could become a factor as our water reserves dwindle, so if you can plant, we highly suggest it.

• Also of note, this deal does not pertain to our current landscape customers, or the recent mums we are carrying from Flourish Farmette (only $19.99)

We are disappointed that we are forced to make this decision, which ultimately is an inconvenience to you.

However, we can’t wait - so we humbly ask that you adjust your fall planting schedule, to not only help save these beautiful plants, but also help our nursery continue on our mission to provide a place where plants, home, nature and community connect.

Plus Old Cheney Rd is fully paved and open in all directions!! We want everyone to take advantage of this new convenience now and in the future

We are extremely thankful for your continued support of our dream to beautify our area’s landscape.

And even if you aren't planting this season, your help sharing this message on social media, or via word of mouth to friends, family and co-workers, is beyond appreciated during this unprecedented situation!


Your Friendly Area Horticulturists, Designers, Arborists and Plant Enthusiasts -

Mark, Kasey & the entire Landmark & Refuge Family