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Mark Charipar and Kasey Olson

Principles of Landmark Landscapes



Rather than focus on a featured project in March (prior to our season kicking off).  I’d just as soon educate new home owners some as to the steps, I’d recommend following when building that dream yard on a new construction site. See the blog page here.



With last years special on 6′ Blue Spruce being such a success, I decided to bring in more and larger spruce for 2014!  We have 170 Specimen Grade 8′ Colorado Blue Spruce arriving this spring.  By buying a whole truck load we locked in the best price possible.  Our pricing will be as follows:

1-5   trees @ $250 per tree or $350 planted

6-10 trees @ $225 per tree or $325 planted

11+ trees @ $200 per tree or $300 planted

 If you’re one of many, that are sickened by all the Scotch Pine death and want a good economical conifer replacement without sacrificing all the size, then hear is your tree!  Most of the time you would find this tree going for $400-500 depending on where you shop.  We are letting these go for a fraction of the price(customer pick up or we plant) while supplies last!  Call and book your quantities today.  

          (click Image to Enlarge)



Introducing new “Auto Tree Guard’s”!

Introducing our new product, we call it the “Auto Tree Guard”!  The one and only product guaranteed to protect your trees from those nasty string trimmers.  

In all seriousness folks, string trimmers are the number one culprit when it comes to damage to the trunk and subsequent infection by disease or insect pests.  Do the tree a favor and mulch around the base at the very least or in the case of renegade lawn service staff maybe even think about adding a plastic tree guard.  Your tree’s will thank you.