Reverse Warranty Claim Submission

We are sorry to hear that your tree, shrub, zone 5 perennial or grasses didn’t make it through its first year away from the nursery. We know things happen and that’s why we offer the 25% Reverse Warranty. Below is a request for information regarding your claim. Once we receive the request, someone from our team will be in touch to start the claim process.

Please note, we do need to see the tree or shrub in question to diagnose what happened so we can provide the best service moving forward. We also understand that some trees, shrubs, or most perennials might not be able to be brought in due to condition, so a picture will be requested in these circumstances.

Also, a receipt or invoice would be great to help the claim process, as well as knowing if we planted it, or if you did. We look forward to making this right and getting you a quality replacement to keep your landscaping looking pristine.

Start The Warranty Process

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*Depending on timing and availability, claims will be processed as we receive them. However, if we planted your item, please note a wait could be possible.  If waiting isn't an option, you can bring the claimed product to the nursery & garden center anytime convenient for you and take home a replacement and plant on your own and we will waive the 25% reverse warranty charge!