The Landmark Reverse Warranty

There's Nothing Quite Like it!

At Landmark we take great pride in what leaves our nursery. Ultimately it’s a representation of who we are. Our confidence in the quality of our nursery stock, plus the fact you’ll receive proper care advice from our expert staff, is why you’ll never be persuaded, or upsold to buy a warranty from us.

Instead, you always take a minimum saving of 25% off up-front on all *nursery stock*, at the time of purchase. This removes any warranty. However if in a year, the rare instance your plant, tree or shrub doesn’t make it, then you simply buy the warranty by paying the 25% that was discounted up front.  You then receive a replacement of what you purchased - or a full monetary credit to go towards a different tree, shrub, perennial, or grass that we offer at the nursery.

Bottom line is you only pay full price IF a plant, tree or shrub doesn’t survive the first year.  It’s like having insurance, but only paying for it IF you need it.  Come take advantage of the Landmark exclusive Reverse Warranty and never warranty waste again!

*Nursery Stock includes all trees, shrubs, zone 5 perennials and grasses - Excludes houseplants & annuals.

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